How to Unsuccessfully Combat Procrastination

As you may have noticed, my last post was dated May 6. MAY SIX. That’s a whole 3 months and change that I haven’t posted a gosh darn thing on this blog of mine. Now that’s not right, is it? It’s not like nothing interesting has happened in my life that I couldn’t document!

For one, my eighteenth birthday came and went! Oh yeah, this bird is now free range. ;D

I also became an Orientation Leader for my college, and had an amazing time introducing some cool, crazy and interesting freshmen/women to my school’s campus.

I got a camera, which I used to document my 5-year-old sister’s graduation, and hope to use more often as well.

I was also recruited to be a Peer Mentor for my university’s Learning Communities, where I’ll be advising freshmen and guiding them through a wonderful community service project that I will have a hand in creating.

So, you see, much as happened over the past few months. Now, why, you ask, haven’t I posted a lick? Oh, dear reader, it was but to torment you. It was all a part of my maniacal ploy to reel you in and –

I wasn’t sure where I was going with that, honestly. But! Do know that I did not purposefully stop writing.

You see, I suffer from a very life-threatening illness known as procrastination. It’s a very serious disease that very many suffer. There is still no cure.

I wish I had a better excuse, or none at all. I actually wish I had a better attention span. But, with my lovely roommate pushing me to post (Love ya, Tootie!), and my own desire to see this blog grow and flourish, I, Aneika, hereby promise to post at least once a week!

I won’t go overboard, at least for now.

Your Pesky Procrastinator,


Things I’ve Learned from College: Roommates

It’s not necessarily easy to sign up to live in a room with complete strangers. The idea still boggles my mind, even having spent the past year (more or less) doing so. Some people have wonderful experiences and go on to keep those roommates as friends well into their adult lives.

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This, however, is not the case for me.

Cue dramatic record scratch!

I’ve been to summer camp, so being in a room with girls does not at all phase me. However, college is a whole other world that I’m not sure I was fulled prepared for – at least when it comes to dorming. Ah, dorm rooms. They’re small, they’re annoying and you’re stuck with it, whether you like it or not.

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Through this great orientation program my school has set up, I was able to find someone I thought to be moderately sane and we requested each other to be roommates. Now this is not where the problem arose. Little did I know that we would be set up with two other roommates who had requested each other. And then it began. *Dun, dun, duuuuuuun*

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Several incidences within the two semesters of my college career, all revolving around the two surprise roommates, which really opened my eyes to how disturbingly inconsiderate and uncaring two people could be. Items broken, sexual encounters, drunken encounters. At one point, my chosen roommate and I had to clean up alcohol spilled from our dorm room into the hallway.

To say my other roommate and I were not amused was an understatement.

Now, why am I writing this post? It’s to warn unsuspecting freshman. You might be very excited to start your college career, but beware! Not all that glitters is gold. Really, I would know. Honestly, you have to be prepared for all the things that life throws you. And definitely, definitely do not take the passive-agressive route.

Although my roommate and I talked to my other two roommates, nothing changed. Where talking should have solved the problem, it only made new ones. However, we didn’t say anything soon enough, to be honest. Best to nip bad dorming etiquette in the butt early and don’t end up like me: Butthurt and counting down the days until I move out.

First posts are very, very intimidating

I’m all about new beginnings, even if they mean starting at 3:13 in the morning. I’m not sure how I went from starting intently at the screen watching Netflix (Gossip Girl, if you must know), to typing up the very first post on my professional blog (as my sleeping roommate rustles around trying to get a comfortable position), but it has happened. I’m an odd worker, indeed. Even with that in mind, I’m am ecstatic to get this blog up and running! Although this blog is, of course, a part of furthering my academic and professional endeavors, I am happy to say that I am really excited to get started on a journey in my life that I have subconsciously long waited for.

Here’s to new beginnings, even if they don’t start the way we plan them.